My Name is Abu Bakarr Jalloh and I am a student from Sierra Leone.

Upon graduation, I studied history and politics in my home country. I served as a teacher helping children and adults to prepare for national and international examinations. I also took part in various community engagement activities. However, due to lack of comparable opportunities in my country, I choose to proceed further with my education in Germany. To broaden my educational experience, I am currently studying Agribusiness at the Rhine-Waal University in Kleve.


In my presentation I would like to share my humble experience on the topic Multicultural Integration in Education. Briefly, I will explain to the children and to the audience how important is it to continue cultural integration into our schools (SOCIETY) and what benefits this will bring in the future. Students will learn that multicultural integration will not only promote learning of other cultures but will teach them healthy social skills and ways of interacting with people from a different background in the daily life.

Thank you in advance!

Text, Bild: Abu Bakarr Jalloh
Korrektur: Svetlana Buhlmann

Multicultural Integration in Education

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